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About us

Our capabilities include all phases of project development, from program research and conceptual design through schematics, design development, construction documents, bidding and negotiations, and contract administration. We also provide three-dimensional computer-assisted technical documentation services primarily to the construction industry. Contractors to produce highly coordinated technical documentation as an integral part of the construction process, as well as to perform peer review and document coordination often retain us. Also, all building code analysis and research is done in-house for all projects.

Our staff is energetic, cooperative, and diverse, To support our staff, we utilize a full complement of technological resources to assist us in producing accurate, high-quality work, including the latest versions of computer-aided drafting and three-dimensional visualization software. We utilize the latest CAD Standard to maintain consistency and to facilitate communication with our clients and consultants design needs.

We design building systems according to client's needs and requirements. We work closely with specialized consultants, systems integrators (and/or turnkey vendors )to select and lay out process equipment and material handling systems. Our success is based on our skill integrating building layout with production systems, facilitating process flow and product handling operations. We can work with equipment vendors selected by the Owner. We bring them into the team early, to ensure building systems and layout fit the processing and material-handling program.

Owners frequently request that we accelerate project delivery by "fast-tracking" their project; overlapping the design, permitting, bidding and construction phases. Because of the depth of our experience, we are able to evaluate the applicability of these techniques to each particular project, and impartially advise our clients on the best approach for their project, and the potential risks and rewards. We have successfully undertaken extremely large and complex projects using such techniques, and we know what must be done to ensure their success.

A successful project starts with well-defined goals and criteria. We work with the Owner to clarify, prioritize, communicate and document what we will do together. Conflicts, omissions and constraints are recognized and resolved. The project team is assembled. Roles and responsibilities are established. Preliminary schedules and budgets are discussed and agreed upon. We prepare initial schematic drawings after getting instructions from the client and making modifications to satisfy client's requirements, till the plans are approved. We prepare large-scale architectural drawing and structural drawings for easy execution of work including site development. We give periodical visit to site during course of construction for proper interpretation of drawing and specification.

Comprehensive and complete drawings and specifications are prepared documenting the facility design for construction. Regular meetings are held with the Owner's representatives to ensure the work conforms to their criteria, and to incorporate additional detail requests. Using CAD intra- and Internet technology, design information is electronically exchanged among team members to facilitate production, coordination and communication. Conformance with budgets and schedules established earlier is confirmed, and contacts with regulatory officials continue.

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